Monday, June 30, 2008

Wii Fit Soreness


I thought Wii Fit yoga was supposed to make me feel better by improving my posture, core body strength, etc. but all it does is remind me how inflexible I am. Ow I hurt...

~hhh.cubed ^_^

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Elbow Pain


The pain in my elbow won't go away! I thought it was shifting but evidently just steering is enough to cause lots of pain! I was only able to do 1 session at the track today before my arm just gave out. It's very frustrating and disappointing when you aren't able to fully participate in your favorite hobby because your body doesn't seem to like it all of a sudden for no good reason...

~hhh.cubed ^_^

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Organizing My Life


Well, I’m finally buying into this whole “GTD” concept. It’s actually quite brilliant, assuming one can actually commit. I’m such an organization freak that GTD doesn’t seem like a problem at all, considering The Omni Group has a client as wonderful (and expensive) as Omni Focus. I just started a 14 day trial today, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying it. That also reminds me that I need to eventually purchase Coda and TextMate; Coda is great although I don’t do that much web development so it can probably wait, but I use TextMate something like EVERY DAY. It’s amazing that the world of Mac has me actually spending money on software, but hey, who wouldn’t fork over some hard earned cash for nice looking software that actually works!! I think part of the reason there’s such a huge draw to Mac software is that the software doesn’t just do a simple task... most software comes with its own paradigm (like GTD). Like I’ve said many times in the past, “Apple isn’t just a company... it’s a way of life.” How true...

~hhh.cubed ^_^

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


US recession will be a bad one: Buffett

Whelp, you know if Warren Buffett says the recession is going to be bad then it's going to hurt. That being said, I liquidated half of my portfolio today. Hopefully over the next year or so I won't regret this decision, but then again I feel the same way. I'm already feeling the pinch (rent, taxes, utilities, etc. are all inflating... everything but my paycheck!). The real question is, "How much worse will things get?"

Only time will tell.

~hhh.cubed ^_^

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Wow, who ever thought that detailing could be so hard?? I spent 10 hours just _prepping_ for the actual polishing (well, I think I spent one hour polishing out of the 10), and then 2 more hours polishing on Sunday. The end result? 1 coat of glossy polish on only 2 panels...! (bumper & hood) I've got 2 more coats to go on those panels and 3 coats on the rest of the car! I think I may start to file "auto detailing" under the "Luxuries" column in GnuCash; the effort (and pain) just doesn't seem worth it.

That being said, what is it about a shiny sports car that makes me happy? Who knows, but I'm saving money on going out by spending all my free time detailing my car! That and I guess playing lots of video games saves money, too, as opposed to say, racking at the track, heh. Speaking of tracks, I heard 'The Driveway' has open practice sessions for qualified drivers. It might be worth it...

That being said...

Have you ever felt completely unappreciated? I do right now and it makes me sick. Personal sacrifice should be made wisely, because sometimes it can be completely pointless. Enjoy yourself while you can and look out for numero uno, because life can be very unfair sometimes and if you don't make preparations to guard yourself then you'll simply get trampled. Enough said.

~hhh.cubed ^_^

Monday, April 7, 2008


Life goes on...

Yipes! Almost a month with no updates! What on Earth happened!?!?!

I'm so sorry, y'all. Work has unfortunately consumed me. 80+ hours a week == lack of sleep and updates. I sincerely apologize!

That being said...

This is my first post using MarsEdit, which is supposed to be the best blogging app for the Mac. I'll let y'all know what I think of it after my trial expires. My main concern is whether or not it properly supports my tags, heh. At the very least it does support the 'drafts' functionality.

Also, I've been playing around with Journler (before it's no longer free), so we'll see how that goes, too.

Lastly... does anyone know how to make a good glossy Web 2.0 icon WITHOUT using Photoshop??? It seems like PS's layers dialog is the ultimate when it comes to making Web 2.0 icons, so I may be up the creek without a paddle (in this case, a $500 paddle called Photoshop...). VectorDesigner is close to being great, but their plugins leave a lot to be desired (they require you to manually place focal points by X,Y coordinates, yet don't even provide a ruler!), so we'll see...

~hhh.cubed ^_^

P.S. MarsEdit DOES support tags...!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Ack, sorry for the updates! Work has been slamming me hard. Again, my apologies.

Yay! My MacBook Pro 17" is here!!! <3 FedEx for delivering toys even in the cold rain. ;) Expect more updates later from my new machine, heh.

~hhh.cubed ^_^